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Ed JohnsonAP develops Local 2 Global Initiatives that connects people and communities around the world read more

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Ed Johnson presents at domestic and international policy forums, cultural exchanges, conferences and issue symposia ​read more

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Provides a thought provoking series of seminars, courses and events that examine the role and impact of politics in society  read more

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Ed Johnson is the managing Founder & President of Ed JohnsonAP Consulting. He is a proud and involved resident of the communities of Asbury Park, Monmouth County and State of New Jersey.  Mr. Johnson served his home community as Mayor, Councilman and Chairman of the Urban Enterprise Zone from 1998 – 2013. 

Ed JohnsonAP develops community-based projects that impact people and communities around the world through education, community dialogue and people-to-people engagement. We work to build bridges that connect leaders and constituencies, global communities and people of courage who share a desire to reach beyond the past to realize the opportunities and promises of the 21st century.

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