Flashback Retrospective Live From The Coffee Shop

2020 continues with The Live From The Coffee Shop: "What Had Happened" Presidential Election Series flashback commentary.

On the first Thursday of each month, we will feature flashback commentary to a Live From The Coffee Shop published OpEd from the same month 4-years earlier. 

Does :what happened" provide any indication of "what will be"? Follow the commentary trail and find out the answer to that age old question...Does History Repeat Itself? 


Classic Politics

Provides a thought provoking series of seminars, courses and events that examine the role and impact of politics in society  read more

​​​​​​​Going Global with Lights! Camera! Politics! Film Series

In December 2019, the series concluded its first Saturday afternoons of the month run for nine seasons at the Historic Stephen Crane House in Asbury Park .

​Stay tuned as The Lights! Camera! Politics! Film Series transforms to the global arena! In 2020, look for special performance sessions at international universities, performing arts venues and political forums providing a unique examination of politics through the experience of classic film.

Visiting Scholar

Ed Johnson presents at domestic and international policy forums, cultural exchanges, conferences and issue symposia ​read more

​​​​​COVID-19 Academic Transition Planning

In response to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ed Johnson redeveloped the Spring Term 2020 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights course curriculum for delivery in a WebEx Virtual Online Classroom.

The successful transition of the the course ensures continuity in the delivery of the learning experience to Rutgers students and the successful completion of the Spring Term.

Local 2 Global

Ed JohnsonAP International develops Local 2 Global Initiatives that connects people and communities around the world read more

​​​​​​Supporting Small Business

Ed Johnson began his career in public service at the Chairman of the Asbury Park Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ). The APUEZ focused on rebuilding and investing in the Mom-n-Pop business community which is the backbone of the economic success of the City.

Ed JohnsonAP continues to support and advocate for full-funding support of New Jersey Small Business during the COVID-19 crisis.

​​​​Global Parliament of Mayors 2020

As an Honorary Member of the Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM), Ed Johnson serves as an Ambassador and Advisor on issues and special assignments.

The Global Parliament of Mayors is helping to coordinate both local and international initiatives in the fight against the COVID-19 virus and efforts to contain its spread world-wide.