New Jersey Local Government Week 2019

Join Municipal Governments and residents across New Jersey April 7-13, 2019, to learn about and engage your local government. Who are your local leaders? What events, services and projects are going on in your Municipality?

Learn how you can become an involved participant in your community! Check the listing of scheduled events in local municipalities around New Jersey. Join In! Be a part of the progress that builds great communities.

​​​​Global Parliament of Mayors 2019 Annual Summit

Ed Johnson will attend the 2019 Annual Summit of the Global Parliament of Mayors in Durban, South Africa in Fall 2019.

The session will bring together Mayors, Professionals and Global Networks from around the world to address critical issues and shared challenges. Focusing on formulating solution-based pathways, the GPM will create "common actions to counter negative development in societies mainly through action-oriented co-working and to [build] a selection of issues based upon agreed action points."

Classic Politics

Provides a thought provoking series of seminars, courses and events that examine the role and impact of politics in society  read more

Local 2 Global

Ed JohnsonAP International develops Local 2 Global Initiatives that connects people and communities around the world read more

Visiting Scholar

Ed Johnson presents at domestic and international policy forums, cultural exchanges, conferences and issue symposia ​read more

​​Global Education - Asbury Park & Ghana

Through a virtual classroom portal, students in Ghana gave Ed Johnson a presentation about Ghana. In their presentation they used a green screen to show visuals representing their topics. Their topics were about history, culture, politics, sports, food, and hobbies.

Mr. Johnson will be working with the Project Teachers at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, on future video conferencing projects.

​​​​ Parliament of Student Mayors Initiative

As an Ambassador of the Global Parliament of Mayors,  Honorary Member Ed Johnson will serve as an Advisory Board Member for the UWC Maastrict Parliament of Student Mayors Initiative. A site visit is planned for Spring 2019.

This project will bring together forty students aged 16-19 for a transformative two-year programme in a social innovative laboratory to study and develop actionable solutions to the many challenges that cities face in today's global society.