​​​​2019 Fall Term

As a Visiting Scholar, Ed Johnson will teach Urban Politics at Rutgers University.

The course will feature an intensive study of politics within our Urban Communities. In-class, online features and interactive exercises help students to grasp the history, concepts and implications/ramifications of national and urban policy in the Unites States and the global influences that impact local and national decisions. 

​​​​Global Parliament of Mayors 2019 Annual Summit

Ed Johnson will attend the Global Parliament of Mayors Annual Summit in Durban, South Africa in Fall 2019.

The session will bring together Mayors, Professionals and Global Networks from around the world to address critical issues and shared challenges. Focusing on formulating solution-based pathways, the GPM fosters "common actions to counter negative development in societies mainly through action-oriented co-working and to [build] a selection of issues based upon agreed action points."

​Lights! Camera! Politics! Film Series 

Season #9 Lights! Camera! Politics! Film Series features an illuminating examination of the unique relationship and perspective of people and politics through film on the 1st Saturdays of the month -  October, November & December 2019.

The theme for Fall 2019 Season #9 is "Tales of Espionage".

  • ​​10/5 Notorious   1946 RKO Pictures
  • 11/2 The Kremlin Letter   1970 20th Century Fox
  • 12/7 Bridge of Spies   2015 DreamWorks

Visiting Scholar

Ed Johnson presents at domestic and international policy forums, cultural exchanges, conferences and issue symposia ​read more

Local 2 Global

Ed JohnsonAP International develops Local 2 Global Initiatives that connects people and communities around the world read more

Classic Politics

Provides a thought provoking series of seminars, courses and events that examine the role and impact of politics in society  read more

​​Live From The Coffee Shop

Beginning September 2019 welcome to the Live From The Coffee Shop: "What Had Happened Was" Presidential Election Series flashback commentary.

On the first Thursday of each month, we will feature flashback commentary to a Live From The Coffee Shop published OpEd from the same month 4-years earlier. 

Does :what happened" provide any indication of "what will be"? Follow the commentary trail and find out the answer to that age old question...Does History Repeat Itself?