National Association of Branch Campus Administrators

In March 2021, Ed Johnson will participate as a guest panelist in the NABCA Branch Campus Leadership Institute "Collaboration and Advocacy" session.


RU Online Learning Conference 2021​
Innovative online practices and technology webinars, seminars and networking sessions for academic professionals.

NJ Conference of Mayors 
In May 2021, Ed Johnson will join Mayors, Public Officials and Public Service Professionals  from across New Jersey to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on educational institutions, small businesses, and global communities.

2021 Plan

2021 GPM Annual Summit
Joining Mayors and Global Leaders to participate in the Annual Summit scheduled for April 2021 to discuss and take action on urgent issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, migration, healthcare and educational opportunities. 

2021 Urban Youth Unite Conference
Ed Johnson joins the March 2021 Global Youth Conference at UWC Maastricht in The Netherlands as a facilitator and observer. 

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