Forces Shaping The Jersey Shore
In July 2021, Ed Johnson will lead an exploration study of the Jersey Shore in the 3rd annual 'Forces Shaping The Jersey Shore: People, Politics and Perspectives" webinar.

American National Government 
In Fall 2021, Ed Johnson conduct a 15-week study of American National Government from the historical founding principles to  modern political practices. 

2021 Plan

New Jersey League of Municipalities
In November 2021, Ed Johnson will join Local, County & State New Jersey Public officials at the NJ League of Municipalities conference in Atlantic City.

2021 Small Business Expo
In October 2021, Ed Johnson will meet with Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups for networking and new small business development policy and technical support innovation.

NJ Conference of Mayors 
In May 2021, Ed Johnson will join Mayors, Public Officials and Public Service Professionals  from across New Jersey to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on educational institutions, small businesses, and global communities.

2021 GPM Annual Summit
Joining Mayors and Global Leaders to participate in the Annual Summit scheduled for October 2021 to discuss and take action on urgent issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, migration, healthcare and educational opportunities. 


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