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Season #8 Opening Feature "Trouble In Paradise"

Mr. Lou Lumenick

​"The Best Man"

October 2016

Lights! Camera! Politics! Film Series


In December 2019, the series concluded its first Saturday afternoons of the month run for nine seasons at the Historic Stephen Crane House in Asbury Park .

​Stay tuned as The Lights! Camera! Politics! Film Series transforms to the global arena! In 2020, look for special performance sessions at international universities, performing arts venues and political forums providing a unique examination of politics through the experience of classic film.


The Lights! Camera! Politics! Film Series, A Project of Ed JohnsonAP International, provides a screening and discussion of feature films that emphasize a particular genre or theme each season. Sessions features "the back story", relevant historical production information and cinematic commentary about the film. Attendees participate in a post-screening reception while discussing each film and sharing their viewing experience.

Past Series Features Included:

SEASON #1 Fall 2015 - Society, Politics and the Social Conscience

  • They Won't Forget   1937 Warner Brothers
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame   1939 RKO Pictures
  • Imitation of Life   1959 Universal Pictures

SEASON #2 Spring 2016 - The Hollywood Blacklist

  • Marty   1955 Hecht - Lancaster Productions
  • Raw Deal   1948 Edward Smalls Productions / Reliance Pictures Inc.
  • Roman Holiday   1953 Paramount Pictures

SEASON #3 Fall 2016  - The Presidential Election Scandal Series

  • All The President's Men   1976 Warner Brothers
  • The Best Man   1964 Millar/Turman Productions
  • Wag The Dog   1997 Baltimore/New Line Cinema

SEASON #4 Spring 2017 - The City Never Sleeps: Politics, Influence and Corruption

  • Atlantic City   1980 International Cinema Corporation
  • The Phenix City Story   1955 Allied Artists Pictures
  • Chinatown   1974 Paramount Pictures*   

SEASON #5 Fall 2017 - The Revolution: People, Power & Politics

  • Viva Zapata   1952 Twentieth Century Fox
  • Pride   2014 Pathe / BBC Films
  • The Black Book "aka The Reign of Terror"   1949 Walter Wanger Productions

SEASON #6 Spring 2018 - EMPOWERMENT!

  • Norma Rae   1979 Twentieth Century Fox
  • The Landlord  1970 Cartier Productions / United Artists
  • Mildred Pierce  1945 Warner Brothers

SEASON #7 Fall 2018 - "New Frontiers"

  • ​10/13 Bagdad Café   1988 Proj-ect Filmproduktion
  • 11/10 84 Charing Cross Road    1987 Columbia Pictures
  • 12/8 Ruggles of Red Gap   1935 Paramount Pictures

SEASON #8 Spring 2019 - $ Changes Everything!

  • ​​2/2 Trouble In Paradise   1936 Paramount Pictures
  • 3/2 Erin Brockovich    2000 Universal Pictures / Columbia Pictures
  • 4/6 Fun with Dick & Jane   1977 Columbia Pictures

SEASON #9 Fall 2019 - Tales of Espionage

  • ​​10/5 Notorious   1946 RKO Pictures
  • 11/2 The Kremlin Letter   1970 20th Century Fox
  • 12/7 Bridge of Spies   2015 DreamWorks

Ms. Marilyn Schlossbach

"Mildred Pierce"

April 2018

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