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Offers a unique perspective of political musings, opinion and commentary, from a community perspective, on regional, national and international interests and issues of the day. Essays, Columns and Guest OpEds appear in local, regional and national publications and on social media platforms.

Continuing throughout 2020, welcome to the Live From The Coffee Shop: "What Had Happened Was" Presidential Election Series. The first Monday of each month will feature a flashback to the Live From The Coffee Shop 2016 Presidential Election Series featuring monthly commentary published the same month 4 years ago. Does "what had happened" provide any indication of "what will be"? Follow the trail, compare and find out the answer to that age old question...Does History Repeat Itself?

Click below  to read our collection of Presidential Essays covering "A Year In The Life" of the 2016 race for The White House September 2015 - November 2016 and The 2017 NJ Gubernatorial & Legislative Election Series Collection.

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