2016 GPM Inaugural Meeting at The Hague, NL

Ed JohnsonAP sponsors Local 2 Global Initiatives connecting people and communities around the world. Engagement projects, community programming and participation in local, regional and global conferences help to foster working relationships, collaborative partnerships and sharing best practices that address challenges and barriers affecting our global communities.

2019 GPM Reception Durban, South Africa

Local 2 Global Initiatives

2019 UWC Youth Mayors Initiative Maastricht, NL

2015 Havana, Cuba Cultural Exchange Program

2012 Sister-City Cultural Exchange Casalgrande, Italy

2017 NORDIC Edge Conference Norway

2022 GPM Annual Summit Katowice, Poland

2022 World Urban Forum 11 Katowice, Poland

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2021 Dr. Benjamin Barber Global Cities Award Palermo, Sicily 


2013 Delta Programme Tour Coastal Netherlands

2016 TNS Talks Lecture Series  Amsterdam, NL

In January 2023, Ed Johnson took office as the President, Board of Directors of The Greater Long Branch Chamber of Commerce.

2018 GPM Annual Meeting in Bristol, UK

2022 Forces Shaping The Jersey Shore

2017 GPM Annual Meeting in Stavanger, Norway